Waist Wrap Band

Size:  One Size
Color:  Black


Tired of wearing Waist Trainers that do not fit properly? The Waist Wrap Band Trainer eliminates this problem by being one size fits all. Regardless of your waist and hip sizes, you can find your ideal level of compression. Its unique shape allows it to fit anyone short or tall, allowing you to wrap it as low or compressed as needed to achieve the perfect fit around your waist. This band can be worn under clothing and is suitable for workouts and everyday use. Take Your Curves to Level 10 with the Waist Wrap Band.


  • Slims Waistline
  • Helps Correct Posture and Supports the Back while Exercising 
  • Can Be worn during exercise to Increase body temperature to Burn Fat
  • Can be worn postpartum to hide pregnancy weight gain


  • Features:
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Latex & Polyester
  • Adjustable Band for All Sizes